Back to Basics.

We're rejuvenating this classic site and going to start directing all BattleBears.com web traffic here.  It's good to be back 5 years later.  Exciting news coming about our BB games.  Thanks for everyone's patience. 



Announcement! Now Announcing MORE Announcements!

Usually announcing your intent to announce an announcement is redundant and accomplishes nothing. 

In this particular case, what it accomplishes is making you antsy and uncomfortable for an entire weekend and, historically, I have NEVER turned down the opportunity to ruin over 100 people's weekends all at once. Here's how I'm going to do it- 

EARLY NEXT WEEK, we will be poised to announce the most EARTH SHATTERING NEWS in the history of BATTLE BEARS. What should you be doing to prepare for your brain screaming at the top of its brain-lungs until your eyes pop out and, ironically and hilariously, put out the eye of the nearest innocent bystander?

I dunno, maybe you should make like a fish AND:


*Should've said "Stay Tuna'd" but then the image wouldn't make any sense. But that was the joke. The joke was about tuna.

Don't hide it, I can hear you speculating from here. Speculation is nothing to be ashamed of, it's a natural and healthy part of GETTING THIS HYPE TRAIN A CHOO-CHOOIN. So, what do you think? WHAT COULD THIS ANNOUNCEMENT POSSIBLY BE!?

Speaking of announcements, I would like to announce that many of you will be very pleased, a few possibly extremely upset and ALL OF YOU histerical to find out the last three HALLOWEEN SKINS! 



Huggable as "Pleather Face"

Oliver as "Teddy Krueger"

and Wil as "Not-So-Slenderman"

The Halloween skins will be available SOON! :D

Many thanks to our forum members who strained their minds to produce some truly memorable skin suggestions in our BBR Halloween thread. I love to see everyone bursting with such ideas! Even though the skins are set, that doesn't mean its time to turn off your brains! Save that for your first desk job.

NOW- let's get this sorted out. A lot of you have been wanting-NAY-DEMANDING information on BATTLE BEARS ZERO and you should, you're beautiful and deserve the world (that goes for ALL OF YOU. It's also going to have to be left up to you guys which one of you actually GETS the world, cause, you know, there can be only one). BATTLE BEARS ZERO is nearly complete and ready to be catapulted into the ether that is the App Store. We are currently in the FINAL STAGES of testing. Following that, we plan to soft launch (Canada release only) to pan out the kinks and THEN it will be released to the rest of the world. Patience, my pets, the time draws nigh.

I could end the blog here but do you know what would be great to have bundled in before I smash my keyboard like a rock-star the way I always do after a successful blog?


This weekend BBR will feature the following BUNDLES:

HUGGABUNDLE: Contains the Seesaw and Punk Bands Melee and Gummable Skin.

OVERCLOCKED BUNDLE: Contains the OCO Gauntlet Primary and the OCO and Dark OCO skins.

OUT THE WOODWORK: Contains Huggable's Presidentures and Beaver Fever Melee and Tillman's Lumberjack Skin.



Skinny Bundles And Bundly Skin

Zip up those plastic pants, everybody, it's time to pee yourselves from both fright and glee at the same time!

First comes the fright. As you all know, Halloween is just around the dark, dark corner waiting to rob you of not-having-diabetes and implant within you sugar fueled nightmares. SkyVu is here to help by making it much, much worse.



Riggs as "Teen Lobo"

Tillman as "The Horseless Headsman"

and Astoria as "The Exercisist"

 What do you think the other three will be? Use that wrinkled mass of flesh in your skull-cave for once in your life and take a STAB AT IT. (not your brain, NEVER stab your brain).

Good enough for ya? Blog over? Of course not, that's only half and, coincidentally, that's how much I love you- only half. The sequel to part A of this blog is A BIG FAT NEW BBR BUNDLE!



For a measly 400 Gas you could own:

The OCO Skin


The OCO Gauntlet

That's a savings of 51%! HOT DIGGITY. (Oliver's "Sci-Fi Stimulus Pack" and Wil's "Paqueta Para PWNhombres" are also available) 


This weekend there's 3 bundles featured.  Make sure you check them all out by clicking on the Promos section in the lower right hand corner of the main menu.


Here's a chaser for that tall, bubbling mug of news you just downed way, way too fast- Apple went and released version 5 of its money machine (the iPhone 5 they're calling it) and we are a happy to announce that all BATTLE BEARS games runs great on it! But don't take MY word for it, take BEN's word for it:

"All BATTLE BEARS games are running great on the new iPhone 5! "

 Thanks, Ben! What's that, there's more?!

"Super fast frame rates, awesome experience overall.  Full iPhone 5 retina support for BBR is coming soon." 

You heard him. Ben hasn't told a single lie in his life, why start now? The game will be "letter boxed" for a short time, however, BBR will be the first game we optimize so iPhone 5 users can take advantage of that full centimeter they're missing out on!


Castles, Cakes & Dangerous Dreamcatchers

Sorry the blog is up so late this week.  What we lack in punctuality, we will make up entirely in exciting blogstuff!  So here comes the blogstuff right.......now.

Max worked some more on the new awesome haunted castle level.  Spooky things are happening in the direction of decor for the castle.  Can't wait til it's done.  Awesome!  Look at the cool Battle Bears flags on the wall.  Look at it!  Tell me it's awesome!  




We had a really great week this week and made some really cool things happen so Ben rewarded the team with these MEGA CRAZY DELICIOUS CAKES!  They were indeed very much mega crazy delicious.  I think we all lost our minds when we saw them.  We love cakes at SkyVu.  We love cakes A LOT!  Thank you, Ben!  



WEEKEND BUNDLE TIME!  Astoria's Splinter Sale is available all weekend !! Contains Solid Fisher, Daydreamer, Flawless Disguise, and Mamba's Boy at great savings!  Find it in the Promos on the main menu: button located in the bottom right hand corner on Main Menu.  The SciFi Stimulus Pack is also available in there!  


Have a great weekend!  


SkyVu's Hall O' Weens Sneak Peek Week!

There's no need to be sneaky about your peeks, children, I want nothing more than to fully expose to you a preview of what SkyVu has in store for your HALLOWEEN!

Once a year inappropriately aged (and dressed) teenagers utilize the great gift of their parent's cars to steal candy away from the less mobile. Once a year the aged man at the end of the road gets visitors for the first time in months. Once a year, game companies waggle holiday themed, nutritionally void swag in the faces of the impressionable consumer.

SkyVu is no different except for that we're totally awesome. How, you ask? Of course you didn't, it's the most obvious question since "does this look infected?". Come this October, we'll be updating BBR with a few skins and an ENTIRELY NEW LEVEL! (see last week and AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS VERY POST for more info)

Let me share with you a quick sneak peek at a few of the ways SkyVu will be going bump in your night in the near future!

Our lovely fans have been sharing their ideas with us about what kind of skins they want to see for Halloween (and let me tell you, some of their ideas are off the chizz-ain. Give it a skim if you can, there's some good stuff in there).

An example of what you may be seeing this October can be found directly below.


(Our fans pulling for Tillman to have a pumpkin head should be pleased, quite pleased indeed ;D)

Also, don't miss our Livestream (Here or in The Den) this afternoon (3:30pm Central) where MAX will spend a couple of hours beautifying the new Haunted Castle level for BBR!

We look forward to making sure EVERYONE'S Halls are fulla' weens this October!