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Castles, Cakes & Dangerous Dreamcatchers

Sorry the blog is up so late this week.  What we lack in punctuality, we will make up entirely in exciting blogstuff!  So here comes the blogstuff right.......now.

Max worked some more on the new awesome haunted castle level.  Spooky things are happening in the direction of decor for the castle.  Can't wait til it's done.  Awesome!  Look at the cool Battle Bears flags on the wall.  Look at it!  Tell me it's awesome!  




We had a really great week this week and made some really cool things happen so Ben rewarded the team with these MEGA CRAZY DELICIOUS CAKES!  They were indeed very much mega crazy delicious.  I think we all lost our minds when we saw them.  We love cakes at SkyVu.  We love cakes A LOT!  Thank you, Ben!  



WEEKEND BUNDLE TIME!  Astoria's Splinter Sale is available all weekend !! Contains Solid Fisher, Daydreamer, Flawless Disguise, and Mamba's Boy at great savings!  Find it in the Promos on the main menu: button located in the bottom right hand corner on Main Menu.  The SciFi Stimulus Pack is also available in there!  


Have a great weekend!  


Freaky Friday: turn on your night light to read this post because it's scary.... SCARY AWESOME!

Just a mere week ago we rolled out update 1.3.2 with a brand new level map: the Abusement Park.  And what an abusingly fun park it is!  You thought, wow, we just got an update with a new map how could SkyVu possibly top that?  I'll tell you how.  WITH ANOTHER FREAKIN AWESOME UPDATE THAT HAS A NEW MAP! 1.3.3!

Speculators were saying that 1.3.3 is just going to be a cosmetic update, and I'm going to tell you that they're so wrong they wish they had a time machine and take it back.  Are you taking it back?  Good.  New skins, bug fixes, and a BRAND NEW HAUNTED CASTLE MAP!

Some of you are saying, won't having a new map push the release back further?  Nope.  We'll release it right on schedule.

What's the schedule?  Tsk tsk you know SkyVu better than that.  We're not announcing the date, but I will say that it will be soon.  Hahaha "soon" is our magic word. We'll keep you updated on our progress for the release every week on this very blog.  Promise!  Always keep your party hat on just in case.

To whet your appetite and wet your pants, our weekly Friday Livestream included a jaw dropping preview of the new level in progress (I've been getting lots of messages about multiple jaws having to be reattached back onto fans-presumbly back in the original location- after our Livestream, are you all ok now?)  Cory gave lucky fans a first look at the HAUNTED CASTLE as he worked in Maya modeling the map.  There will be a spooky graveyard and Cory promised that he would put @SkyVu_AV aka @SkyVu_Ann on a tombstone.  He will put all names of SkyVu people onto tombstones in that graveyard.  Awesome!  High five!  

****p.s. our Livestream info (every Friday 3:30 pm CST- 5:30 pm CST at http://livestream.com/skyvu)

After a quick break to reset our router (holler to Cox internet for always killing our flow) our SkyVu team did a SPOOOOOKY fun play test of the unfinished but functional map!  We found lots of things to fix, I'm going to blame it on the poltergeist haunting the place.  We're gonna fix you poltergeist, and the castle too muahahahaha.  

Here's the castle in all its sinister glory and looking a tad bit "naked."  Tony will be putting his painting skills to dressing it with some grime infested stone walls and decaying headstones soon.  Skulls.  Lots of skulls. I'll remind him.  Rusted suit of armors, frayed flags, dead trees, and many scary things will be added.  Add a suggestion in the comment.


HOW EXCITED ARE YOU?  And probably scared too.  Because it's haunted and spooky, right?
Next week: come back for more outrageous update speculations, perhaps we'll talk about the freaky costumes the bears will be wearing to go trick-o-treating.  And by trick-o-treating I mean Team Deathmatch and Plant the Bomb in BBR!

--AV (filling in for Tony)