We've Been Busy Vu-Maker Elves <3

Children, we have a platonic surprise for you! We've been hard at work on new BRR content while you've been hard at work ceaselessly demanding it from us and, today, we've completed a major step in getting BBR chalk-full of brand spankin' new content. It is my honor to present to you THIS!


1.3.1 and subsequent updates will begin tricklin' in the sweeties you see above. Following this expect MORE content updates in the form of new weapons, skins AND levels. <3


Also, if you were unawares, we're holding a fan-art contest to see who can TRULY draw "Wil's Finest Hour" in all of it's glory. The only rule is imagine Wil's finest hour, I mean the BEST, most epic hour he could possibly have then draw it and send it in! :D See ya'll NEXT WEEK :* :* :*


Booty Duty

Working our booties (the butt parts, not those ridiculous baby shoes) is what we do best here at SkyVu. If you saw our schedule for the rest of the year it would BLOW YOUR MIND. When we look at it, however, we enlist the help of Gunnery Sergeant Gunny O'Shootbang to blow our minds in a very different capacity. 

Before you go calling some hotline on our behalf, don't. We're sitting upon the edge of our very vertically endowed studio purely for the relaxation benefits of idly kicking our feet over what feels like miles above instant relief, it's not like we're gonna jump or anythingSPEAKING OF JUMPING, LET'S ALL PUT BIG SMILES ON OUR FACES AND JUMP INTO SOME NEW ART PICTURES!


Riggs' new "Plasma Pistol"

Astoria's New "Off Duty" Skin

A special PREVIEW image of the new BBR level based on the classic "Facing Worlds".  

Don't you DARE miss today's Livestream (in the Den or RIGHT HERE!) because we've got Leah in there AS WE SPEAK, artin' up a storm and, as a special treat, the last half hour of the cast will consist of a live demonstration of BBR on the upcoming "Step Pyramid' level based on the widely popular "Facing Worlds". BE THERE!

Also Wil's new "Sweatin' To The Oldies" skin has officially been dubbed "Booty Duty" :D




A Womanman's Work is Never Done

The very coed studio of SkyVu has been working day (and kinda sorta night) to bring you the fresh business. Speaking of Fresh Business, our now very near and dear friend Marc Ecko stopped into the studio to pop a fresh beat in the form of business advice and, let me tell you, he knows his stuff. We showed him our secrets and he showed us his, it was truly a resplendant bonding experience, we wish you all could have been here. <3

BATTLE BEARS is destined for BIG THINGS. Big SECRET things.

Speaking of secrets, here's something that isn't one, we've officially begun the coding work on Wil's Finest Hour STORY MODE! Glean whatever information you like from this statement, far be it from me to throw a truth wrench into the rumor mill, the only certainty is that there is still a LOT of work to do. We're planning this one out carefully, it HAS to be great, our jobs literally depend on it, but I know we can count on you all to give us the support I'm assuming we're going to deserve <3

Down to brass tacks, Michael is livestreaming RIGHT NOW (At the Den or Here) and I've got some concepts to share with you BOO-BOO-BOOYEAH

Riggs' Double Dragon inspired skin and the GUMMABLE

Oliver's Rockette launcher!... you know, cause it shoots those little rocks... the.. small... rockettes...

OH, also, at 5pm Central (about 50 minutes from now) we will be livestreaming a prototype for a NEW BBR level! Make sure you don't miss it, turkey.


May The Fourth Be With You

It's may fourth and, like all Fridays, here comes a PHAT BLOG! 

Lemme get trill for a moment. Yesterday we launched the long awaited 1.3 update (holla) to a somewhat rocky start (unholla). But that's why we're here, working day and night to make sure that all of our children stay off of the naughty list, not throwing rage fits and staying content with a quality and entertaining gaming experience. To that end here's the skinny on what's going on with 1.3 and our coming updates:

  • Some people are having trouble launching the app after the update. If you're experiencing any problems preventing you from logging in/playing after the update, please uninstall and then re-install the app. This remedy should take care of MOST people's issues.
  • We're still balancing prices and performance of characters and weapons; if you want to weigh in on the matter, take that thought dough and bake an opinion loaf in our forum oven, it'll be more likely to be heard there than posting on this blog.
  • We've already submitted a bug fix to Apple that should re-enable the ability to get free gas and should also address the crashing some people have been experiencing. 
  • Our next update/s should be RICH in new content (Weapons, skins and even LEVELS! :O). I hope you're all looking forward to it as much as I look forward to getting paid to make them <3

Don't forget that Rob, our resident Beat Doctor, will be paying the bills with his trill skills (ya heard?) in the Den (or direct at today at 3:30! (That's like, now) So get your sugary caboose in there right now and give those crusty holes in the side of your head a little lovin'.

Also, it wouldn't be a blog without PICTURRRREEESSS! :D

Oliver's Samurai Skin and Wil's Sweatin' To The Oldies Skin

Oliver's Unnamed "Steampunk" Spreadshot

The above concepts are CURRENTLY all without an official name. So, what'dya say? Do my job for me and name these suckers? CMOOON, I bet you'd be really good at it <3


1.3 Update Live Today @ Noon!

Do you feel that? Did you wake up this morning to a stillness in the air? Cars haplessly parked and abandoned on the freeway, Distance Dog barking in the distance like he always does (there's only one of him, did you know that? Busy guy.), leaves and various debris artistically laid about the yard only to be blown around by an errant, well timed breeze?

That's right, the 1.3 BBR update is live TODAY and it is far more powerful than you could have ever imagined. We're too short handed to open up a hotline to talk everyone through this agonizing wait as the update begins rolling out around noon today, but perhaps reading the following will placate you long enough to stave off your murderous intent until 1.3 is "safely" in your hands.

Spread open those brain wrinkles and check THIS OUT:

1.3 Will Include The Following:

1. NEW CLASS! Wil the Chub Scout!
Wil is finally available as a playable class in BBR! He is, dare I say, in a class all his own, displaying abilities very unique to his character and personality. Wil is launching with 3 skins (The Generalissimo, Lunchador and Dia De Los Mmmuertos) and will have the following weapons in his special little arsenal:
Primary Weapons:
  • Boomstick: Wil's old friend Boomstick McShootington reprises its roll as Wil's trusty sidearm-kick. Boomstick deals greater damage to enemies with a higher kill count than yours.
  • Balance Beam: Wil's justice peeks out from beneath its blindfold to damage enemies based on whether or not your team has more or less kills than the other.
Secondary Weapons, Wil's "Edibilities": 
  • EZ Chee-Z: Wil takes a page from the highschool students book of "Zero Restraint" and pounds an entire can of spray cheese, inflating himself to critical mass and self destructing into a cheesy explosion taking out all enemies within the blast radius. This kamikaze maneuver deducts a point from you so be sure the catch at least two enemies in it if you're looking to gain kills. Otherwise, it makes a great defensive tactic for Plant The Bomb mode, more on that later <3
  • Batterito: A fan (and Wil) favorite from the BATTLE BEARS BLAST intro cut-scene. The Batterito is a zinc rich, microwavable gas station burrito from the future. Like all things microwavable, the molten core sleeps within the icy crust of the dish catching Wil completely off guard when he devours the entire thing whole. This turns Wil into a swift and raging inferno, spewing fire from his mouth as he runs to and fro, laying waste to all in his unfortunate path.
Melee Weapons:
  • Bow: Wil would NEVER dream of shooting his old friend "Arrow" from this contraption. He chooses instead to use it as a handy wailing device as his default melee weapon.
  • Arrow: This one is for you, our fans <3 Wil's ol' reliable arrow from BATTLE BEARS -1 is fresh out of Wil's legs and into his barely capable hands as his premium melee weapon.
In addition to this long awaited class, we are also launching our new "capture the flag"-esque game mode, PLANT THE BOMB! Plant the Bomb is sort of a reverse "Capture The Flag" where you must work together with your team to carry a comically oversized bomb to the enemy's base (a helpful on screen arrow will guide you to your destination) and slam dunk it like Kobe as many times as possible to win the match. Each match is 8 minutes and the team with the most points at the end WINS! Caution must be exercised, however, because once you pick up a bomb you cannot put it down or fight back until you have either planted it successfully or died in a ridiculous hail of gunfire. Teamwork has never meant so much in BBR <3
3. New Astoria Weapons!
Our deadly lady Astoria, as you know, already sports weapons such as the Viper Rifle and the very irritating Tomahawk. In 1.3 she will have two new weapons available, one primary and one secondary:
  • Capital Pains (Primary): A sniper rifle based on the closing value of the NASDAQ stock. If it is up, the gun does more damage and if it is low the gun does less damage BUT has a quicker rate of fire... Unfortunately for you guys (and economy I GUESS) NASDAQ has been down for, like, weeks. Here's to raising awareness of the country's economic status!
  • Dream Catcher (Secondary): True to form, Astoria's secondary weapons remain EXTREMELY inconvenient to be caught in. The Dream Catcher is a mine that Astoria can place on the field that, once activated, reverses the controls of the enemy that stepped on it. This is a GREAT weapon to place near your base in PLANT THE BOMB and to place near edges and on walkways simply for comedic effect.
4. New Control Style: 
As requested by our fans, we have added a new way to play the game. When the 1.3 build launches, the default control style will include a dedicated fire button instead of the old "double tap to fire" mechanic. This drastically cuts down on "misfires" when turning your character and allows for greater precision. For the old folks out there who hate change, though, you will be able to revert to the old style in the options menu at ANY point, even in the middle of a match.
5. iPad 3 Support and Resolution!
We all know that BBR looked great before but now... now it looks great on the iPad 3, too!
6. The Usual Update Goodness, Balance Tweaks and Optimization Including:
  • Improved Spreadshot (Oliver) and Hivey League (Riggs) behavior.
  • Improved matchmaking system.
  • Tweaking skill rating calculations.
  • Improved Buzz Kill (Riggs).
  • Tweaked equipment buffs.
  • Added the ability to add special "buffs and nerfs" to weapons and equipment to add more strategy and balancing (For example, the Huggable's Chainsaw Arms cause your special ability to take 20% longer to recharge to balance the weapon's high power).

Keep an eye out for the update this afternoon and don't forget to rate the living hoohah out of it after you've updated <3


Also, if you missed it, check out the 1.3 Trailer!