Free Stuff For Some, Bitter Disappointment For Others!

**ATTENTION! The special "Appreciation Promo" is now over, like my relationship with you. If you didn't make it this time, I'm deeply sorry, but maybe show up next time, HUH? Honestly, though, thank you all for your support, I really mean it. I wouldn't have a job without you, I wouldn't have to get up early, drive to work and stay late without you... I wouldn't have all this stress without you... GEETHANKS (truly :D <3)


Did that title catch your attention? Yeah, thought it would you bottom feeding little content grubbing entitled lovely children of mine <3

For 4 more hours, you can head over to the forums for our "Forum Appreciation" giveaway! You don't necessarily have to be a part of the forums to benefit, but you are going to have to walk past their sharp, judgmental stares on your way to scoop up that which they do not believe is rightfully yours. Our fans mean business, they'll cut anyone that crosses them, I've taught them well. 

We say "Forum Appreciation" and boy do we ever mean it, but all SkyVu and Battle Bears fans are welcome to take communion in the form of the body coverings of our BBR models and the blood of your enemies that their weapons summon into the world. If you act now, you can have your choice of a new skin AND a new weapon for absolutely free. (Well, we do get a part of your soul in the transaction, but souls don't leave a paper trail thank god).

Just pop into our forum, fill out the form in the first post and you're on your way to a path laden with the jealous stares of less fortunate BBR players <3

To help you make the easiest decision you will ever face in your life (if this is hard for you, brother, I envy your lifestyle in a big way) here is a closer look at the coveted DARK OCO skin and Riggs' ProvolOWNED primary weapon!

Also, I'll be livestreamin' my business this day at The Den so don't forget to stop by and tell me how handsome you think I am!


Lt. Action's Blog-Along

Greetings, boys and girls! We're going to have some fun today! Today we're doing a "Blog-Along!". 

"How do I play? My brain stopped developing in the second trimester and I don't follow directions well" you say?

GOOD NEWS! It's easy! In fact, if you've read this far, you're already playing! As the words appear on the page, all you have to do is read them. 

Wild, right?

Here's some words that I think you will find are arranged in a very tantalizing manner:

I was trying to keep it quiet but the word is out! We prayed an e-mail over to the fine folks that developed "Pocket God" and our request was granted without a modicum of physical abuse! As part of a small cross promotion, Oliver will sport a terrified (and terrifying) Pygmy skin as one of his new getups for BBR!



This bad boy looks most excellent running around with the new "Rockette Launcher". Impose your ignorant island ways on the "white devils" in exciting new ways! Never before have the Pygmy had the opportunity to exact revenge on the gods that so torment them... I mean, kind of, it's likely that YOU are going to eat one of their rocks if you play online, but beggars can't be choosers, I suppose.

Isn't he just ADORBS? Cutie patootie, for sure.

Also, to round things out, close ups of a couple of new upcomming weapons!

Oliver's "Sci-Fi A-Salt" Rifle. We're still looking for a final name on this one, WHATCHYU GOT?!

The Huggable's "Punk Bands" 

AlsoX2- Don't miss Michael making marvelous media in our livestream today at 3:30 central! (Here or at "The Den")

See ya'll next week! <3


Someone Mark Every Calendar On Earth- "Tony Back In Da Hizzouse" is a New Global, Mandatory Holiday

And NO ONE but me gets it off! How do you like them apples?

Also, I'm going to need someone on localizing the translation of this new holiday's title in such a way that it doesn't lose any of its urban flair, no matter who hears it, especially any and all indigenous tribes that have yet to be touched by modern man. They will find me, being the first modern man to touch them, very pleasing, I think.

This is about unifying the world under my image, something I think we've ALL felt is a little lacking lately.

I apologize, my fluffy lumpies, I vow to never abandon you ever again. I'm working on getting a small "Chimpanzee Cam" fixed to the front of my head so I can live stream the "Tony Ferguson Experience" to everyone at all times, unplugged and back in black. You will never be alone again (the camera is, mysteriously, a "two way" device).

In the meantime, however, I think a make up blog with some make up arts while I wear some very flattering make up is in order (if we had the Chimp Cam, you could see, I'm stunning). 

I missed you all very dearly and I am pleased as some very spiked punch to be back in the loving, semi-anonymous embrace of our internet fans. Please, unhinge your eye holes so that you can take in all of this content in one GIANT look <3

Riggs' "CATastrophe" Melee Weapon

Tillman's "Phat Man" Secondary Weapon

The "Gummable" UV

The "Gummable" Skin on the actual model! 


See ya'll FRIDAY! Twoblogsinoneweek?!Awww,Tony,weloooveyooouuuu!



Greetings intrepid internet dumpling, you have stumbled upon to some of the most fertile idea dumping fields this side of the Rio Grande! I have so many new BBR weapons to share with you, however, my brain sphincter is only so large. To risk an embarrassing tear, I'm going to have to squeeze these weapons out slowly and with great concentration. Little by little all will be revealed, just consider this practice for dealing with the trickling updates that will behave in this same way. 

BEHOLD! THe Huggable's new "Presidentures"!

AND Oliver's New "Urine Trouble" (The stream it shoots is a healthy golden yellow... I'll let you think on that for a bit).

What's more, these weapons will MAY or MAY NOT have special stat bonuses/nerfs associated with them to help set them apart from the current available arsenal. SO, how do you think THESE TWO will be different? HMMM?


Also, for your pleasure, I will be painting WOOD in the livestream this afternoon for TWO STRAIGHT HOURS! Woodtastical.


A Message To Our Adoring and Ravenous BBR Fans <3

ATTENCION, BBR fans! It has come to light that there is some confusion about the weapons pictured in last week's blog (DIRECTLY BELOW this one if you're browsing this from the internets). 

Some of you seem to think that the new weapons are simply "replacements" or simply "upgrades" of existing weapons.

You should be ashamed of yourselves and feel very, very foolish. I cannot accept any blame for the confusion as that implies I possess imperfection and am therefore not omniscient which would mean the universe is nanoseconds from imploding so, for the sake of life as we know it, weep into your cupped hands as hard as you can, the truth isn't what you once thought it was.


Imagine for a moment that, while in the womb, your mother sends you a message umbilically that just one of you simply won't cut it, it's up to YOU to create a twin but, as we all know twins are, fundamentally, non-profitable.

No one is going to get excited about you twice.

You need to make a twin but it has to have razzle dazzle, spice. HastobeHOT. So, you mold the twin after your only available human likeness but you bedazzle and emblazon it with all manner of flourish in a tornado of fabulousness until you've got something that people wanna see!

9 months later you slide out into the world, everyone loves you for six minutes and then is bored with you, you simply won't cut it, you tart. Then, a hush comes across the maternity ward. Another baby appears, it is shaped EXACTLY like you but it's covered in glitter and racing stripes. It also is a democrat where you've made your stance as a republican known early.

Two things- similar in shape but DIFFERENT in every other way, existing in mutually exclusive harmony. 

tldr; These new weapons are based on existing models- they are painted differently and will function differently as their own weapons.

I think we can all agree that you are VERY excited.

Now, to illustrate the point and to make sure baby gets a sweetie, here is an example of what I'm talkn' 'bout.

Wil's NEW weapon, based on BOOMSTICK, I present to you THE DOOMSTICK

This widdle guy jus can't wait until you take him home tightly in your loving and totally-okay-with-it embrace <3