Freaky Friday: turn on your night light to read this post because it's scary.... SCARY AWESOME!

Just a mere week ago we rolled out update 1.3.2 with a brand new level map: the Abusement Park.  And what an abusingly fun park it is!  You thought, wow, we just got an update with a new map how could SkyVu possibly top that?  I'll tell you how.  WITH ANOTHER FREAKIN AWESOME UPDATE THAT HAS A NEW MAP! 1.3.3!

Speculators were saying that 1.3.3 is just going to be a cosmetic update, and I'm going to tell you that they're so wrong they wish they had a time machine and take it back.  Are you taking it back?  Good.  New skins, bug fixes, and a BRAND NEW HAUNTED CASTLE MAP!

Some of you are saying, won't having a new map push the release back further?  Nope.  We'll release it right on schedule.

What's the schedule?  Tsk tsk you know SkyVu better than that.  We're not announcing the date, but I will say that it will be soon.  Hahaha "soon" is our magic word. We'll keep you updated on our progress for the release every week on this very blog.  Promise!  Always keep your party hat on just in case.

To whet your appetite and wet your pants, our weekly Friday Livestream included a jaw dropping preview of the new level in progress (I've been getting lots of messages about multiple jaws having to be reattached back onto fans-presumbly back in the original location- after our Livestream, are you all ok now?)  Cory gave lucky fans a first look at the HAUNTED CASTLE as he worked in Maya modeling the map.  There will be a spooky graveyard and Cory promised that he would put @SkyVu_AV aka @SkyVu_Ann on a tombstone.  He will put all names of SkyVu people onto tombstones in that graveyard.  Awesome!  High five!  

****p.s. our Livestream info (every Friday 3:30 pm CST- 5:30 pm CST at

After a quick break to reset our router (holler to Cox internet for always killing our flow) our SkyVu team did a SPOOOOOKY fun play test of the unfinished but functional map!  We found lots of things to fix, I'm going to blame it on the poltergeist haunting the place.  We're gonna fix you poltergeist, and the castle too muahahahaha.  

Here's the castle in all its sinister glory and looking a tad bit "naked."  Tony will be putting his painting skills to dressing it with some grime infested stone walls and decaying headstones soon.  Skulls.  Lots of skulls. I'll remind him.  Rusted suit of armors, frayed flags, dead trees, and many scary things will be added.  Add a suggestion in the comment.


HOW EXCITED ARE YOU?  And probably scared too.  Because it's haunted and spooky, right?
Next week: come back for more outrageous update speculations, perhaps we'll talk about the freaky costumes the bears will be wearing to go trick-o-treating.  And by trick-o-treating I mean Team Deathmatch and Plant the Bomb in BBR!

--AV (filling in for Tony)


Knock Knock. Who's There? It's Destiny. Destiny Who? Your Destiny.

Open the door, children, and run headlong, straight into the light. While purgatory had its back turned we snuck up on it and replaced it with DESTINY. YOUR DESTINY! Your destiny, my wayward soul, is to download the 1.3.2 UPDATE FOR BBR BECAUSE IT'S OUT NOW!

The past anachronously writes hymns for occasions like this! (Hymn 132 if I'm not mistaken). Unless you're big into reincarnation, this is a ONCE AND A LIFETIME CHANCE! Even if you've been around the block 8 or so times your karmic quality will never recover if you miss this one! BBR only updates to 1.3.2 once and that time is NOW!

"What's in 1.3.2?" you ask? The answer is for me to slap that dirty mouth of yours for asking great questions and then SHOW, not tell, you all the shiny goodness in 1.3.2.

"What goodness is that?" you ask? Of course you don't because by now you know better, but I will tell you anyway.

IN 1.3.2 you will be treated to the following goodness!


AND NEW WEAPONS (See the last post, I hate being redundant and saying the same thing more than once, twice).

Don't forget to stop by our LIVESTREAM to witness Leah's arting in action!

Also, if you think you've GOT WHAT IT TAKES to have an awesome idea for a Halloween skin for any of the BBR characters, pop into our forum and tell us about it, IF YOU DARE.  




BBR 1.3.2 INFINITY AND not much farther.

The moment some of you have been waiting for and probably more of you are just finding out about for the first time is "FINALLY" (for some of you) upon us!

BBR's 1.3.2. update has been submitted and should be approved shortly! This is an update that won't fail to impress, unless you hate awesome things and generally enjoying yourself. If that's the case then you're REALLY GOING TO HATE THIS!


Starting with the sword and going clockwise we have:

Oliver's Kumakiri: New melee weapon. This imposing chunk of steel practically does the work for you! Simply place the edge upon the fleshy bits of your opponent, apply pressure and wait- for like half a second.

Oliver's O.C.O. Glove: New primary weapon. Graham has done it again! "It" being turning someone's hand into a non-stop murder machine. Overclock your hand with safety and confidence and simultaneously blow the safety and confidence right through the back of your opponents skulls! This weapon creates a large, slow moving energy ball of doom that will deal damage to anything that enters its radius (ANYTHING? EVEN ALLIES? I dunno, you tell me ;D)

Oliver's Sake Bomb: New secondary weapon. Alcohol abuse can cause serious problems, especially when some chump standing half way across a map fires and entire jar of sake down your throat and abuses your coordination. Use this very mature canon to muck up your opponents controls and take advantage of the hilarity that ensues (this weapon is essentially a launchable dream catcher).

Riggs' Mother Of Nature: New secondary weapon. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and this time you've gone and scorned MOTHER NATURE. Deliver natural justice to your enemies in the form of a large POISON CLOUD BOMB. You read me, this weapon will poison your adversaries and deal damage over a short amount of time while they trundle away into a corner to die alone. Alone and so, so cold.

Riggs' Blood Spurt: Jean-Claude Van Damme's natural weakness is now your greatest strength! Dip your hands into some shattered glass and deck the halls with the screams of your enemies. Dang, Riggs, why you gotta be so scary?

Riggs' Big Iron: New primary weapon. Riggs doesn't do handguns, says they don't kill loud enough. However, a handgun the size of a refrigerator? Yeah, that'll do.



Every once in a while a blog comes along that stretches the limits of what is possible for a language to describe. No earthly tongue can aptly convey what is about to enter your head through the eyes and come SCREAMING from your mouths and possibly nose. I'm going to have to defer to the transcendental "Radicleese" to help this along.


*Be sure to activate the HD Button, this is one slick lookin' vid*

*Feast your eyes on this badboy and then please feast upon it a second time when you locate it in the iTunes store in a few weeks :D

BATTLE BEARS ZERO: WIL'S FINEST HOUR rejoins us with Wil after the BATTLE BEARS left him alone with only the murderous computer A.I. and the fate of the Ursa Major, the BATTLE BEARS' flagship, to keep him company.

Fighting for your life against inexplicable waves of zombies and wading through the dense swamp of verbal abuse dispenesed by a disembodied voice echoing through the sterile halls of what would be your tomb would leave ANYONE a little shaken.

But that's why Wil's our hero, because he can take it.

He's not the hero we deserve or should have or should ever count on, he's the hero we NEED to see in a full fledged game of his own so we can share a laugh at his bumbling antics right now.

He's a silent snacker. A constant masticator. A Dark Knight.

Take the fight to the Huggables and the shadowy forces behind the scenes SOON! We're talkin' WEEKS. Pretty soon you will be jacked into the iTunes store, downloading the last game you will EVER NEED! Truly, it will be all of our FINEST HOUR!


Ain't No Blog Like a Battle Bears Blog Because a Battle Bears Blog Don't St-

Look out your window. 

Is it Friday? If yes, please continue to read as per normal, if no... God have mercy on your soul*

As far as I'm concerned, it MUST BE FRIDAY because here I am again, putting on my happy face, pretending that everything is going to be okay. When our leaders are the ones losing grip, to whom do we turn? The answer is always, and WILL always be a resounding ME. I don't mean some pseudo-inspirational "Oh, Me, as in myself. How liberating, to know that no matter what, no matter how dire the circumstances and bleak the night may seem, I'm always in control of my own fate" no, that's wrong. So, so wrong to think.

No, I literally mean me, Lt. Action, I am "who you gonna call".

Call upon me NOW if you're looking for a sweet BBR fix, cause I've got the goods. The best part is that you don't have to swallow these OR take them in sepository form. THESE goodies go straight into your eyes, the swiftest path to that sweet pink brain knocking around in your giant, giant head <3

BEHOLD! A new skin for OLIVER for BBR's 1.3.3. update!


Walk the lonely path of honor and duty as you punish your enemies for shaming their ancestors in this sick set of threads. The Way of The Samurai has just installed a shortcut. Forget years of training and a lifetime of dedication, just put on this bad-boy and wreak some fuedal flavored mayhem right away!

If this hasn't managed to tickle your fancy a pink enough shade for you, then join me at THE DEN (or on our livestream channel) as I paint up some more visual gold in the form of MORE BBR SKINS this afternoon (3:30 Central, that's, like, in 10 minutes.... GO!)


*Trust no one.