SkyVu's Hall O' Weens Sneak Peek Week!
Friday, September 7, 2012 at 2:44PM

There's no need to be sneaky about your peeks, children, I want nothing more than to fully expose to you a preview of what SkyVu has in store for your HALLOWEEN!

Once a year inappropriately aged (and dressed) teenagers utilize the great gift of their parent's cars to steal candy away from the less mobile. Once a year the aged man at the end of the road gets visitors for the first time in months. Once a year, game companies waggle holiday themed, nutritionally void swag in the faces of the impressionable consumer.

SkyVu is no different except for that we're totally awesome. How, you ask? Of course you didn't, it's the most obvious question since "does this look infected?". Come this October, we'll be updating BBR with a few skins and an ENTIRELY NEW LEVEL! (see last week and AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS VERY POST for more info)

Let me share with you a quick sneak peek at a few of the ways SkyVu will be going bump in your night in the near future!

Our lovely fans have been sharing their ideas with us about what kind of skins they want to see for Halloween (and let me tell you, some of their ideas are off the chizz-ain. Give it a skim if you can, there's some good stuff in there).

An example of what you may be seeing this October can be found directly below.


(Our fans pulling for Tillman to have a pumpkin head should be pleased, quite pleased indeed ;D)

Also, don't miss our Livestream (Here or in The Den) this afternoon (3:30pm Central) where MAX will spend a couple of hours beautifying the new Haunted Castle level for BBR!

We look forward to making sure EVERYONE'S Halls are fulla' weens this October!

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