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Announcement! Now Announcing MORE Announcements!

Usually announcing your intent to announce an announcement is redundant and accomplishes nothing. 

In this particular case, what it accomplishes is making you antsy and uncomfortable for an entire weekend and, historically, I have NEVER turned down the opportunity to ruin over 100 people's weekends all at once. Here's how I'm going to do it- 

EARLY NEXT WEEK, we will be poised to announce the most EARTH SHATTERING NEWS in the history of BATTLE BEARS. What should you be doing to prepare for your brain screaming at the top of its brain-lungs until your eyes pop out and, ironically and hilariously, put out the eye of the nearest innocent bystander?

I dunno, maybe you should make like a fish AND:


*Should've said "Stay Tuna'd" but then the image wouldn't make any sense. But that was the joke. The joke was about tuna.

Don't hide it, I can hear you speculating from here. Speculation is nothing to be ashamed of, it's a natural and healthy part of GETTING THIS HYPE TRAIN A CHOO-CHOOIN. So, what do you think? WHAT COULD THIS ANNOUNCEMENT POSSIBLY BE!?

Speaking of announcements, I would like to announce that many of you will be very pleased, a few possibly extremely upset and ALL OF YOU histerical to find out the last three HALLOWEEN SKINS! 



Huggable as "Pleather Face"

Oliver as "Teddy Krueger"

and Wil as "Not-So-Slenderman"

The Halloween skins will be available SOON! :D

Many thanks to our forum members who strained their minds to produce some truly memorable skin suggestions in our BBR Halloween thread. I love to see everyone bursting with such ideas! Even though the skins are set, that doesn't mean its time to turn off your brains! Save that for your first desk job.

NOW- let's get this sorted out. A lot of you have been wanting-NAY-DEMANDING information on BATTLE BEARS ZERO and you should, you're beautiful and deserve the world (that goes for ALL OF YOU. It's also going to have to be left up to you guys which one of you actually GETS the world, cause, you know, there can be only one). BATTLE BEARS ZERO is nearly complete and ready to be catapulted into the ether that is the App Store. We are currently in the FINAL STAGES of testing. Following that, we plan to soft launch (Canada release only) to pan out the kinks and THEN it will be released to the rest of the world. Patience, my pets, the time draws nigh.

I could end the blog here but do you know what would be great to have bundled in before I smash my keyboard like a rock-star the way I always do after a successful blog?


This weekend BBR will feature the following BUNDLES:

HUGGABUNDLE: Contains the Seesaw and Punk Bands Melee and Gummable Skin.

OVERCLOCKED BUNDLE: Contains the OCO Gauntlet Primary and the OCO and Dark OCO skins.

OUT THE WOODWORK: Contains Huggable's Presidentures and Beaver Fever Melee and Tillman's Lumberjack Skin.


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Reader Comments (27)

Lol not so slenderman.

October 1, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterElemeno_P

Elemeno_p is still active! :O

October 3, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterNotSkyrenify

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