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Introducing BATTLE BEARS BLAST!  The first casual shooter for the iPhone and iPod touch!


★★★★★ "BLAST is a should buy for only $1. It's the perfect mobile arcade shooter, and truly redefines the genre."
★★★★★ "Battle Bears BLAST is a must play mobile game."

Waiting for the next train?  Waiting for your Dad who's always late?  Need to shoot up some pesky pink Huggables?  Whip out BLAST and test your skills!

Look mom! One hand!Wanna stuff your face with fries but wanna shoot some Huggables too?  No problem.  BLAST was designed from the ground up to be a one handed shooter.  Even your Mom could play this game and enjoy all Huggable blasting pleasures we've been experiencing since 2009!

Price:  $.99

Objective: Shoot everything coming at you with your trusted machine gun but don't, under no circumstances, shoot Wil.

Survival Mode: Survive as long as you can as flying Huggables, flying Unicorns, and more come at you.   But don't shoot Wil who's carrying explosives and will explode and destroy everything if he's hit.

60 Seconds Mode: See how many Huggables and Unicorns you can destroy in 60 seconds with plenty of power ups and multipliers but, again, don't shoot your buddy Wil or you'll lose precious points.

Game Center:  Earn both visible and hidden achievements and see where you rank in the world and among your friends. Unlock special skins and items!  Post your results and customized OLIVER on Facebook.


BLAST - Main Menu - Shoot them buttons to select!Customizations: Go to the Backpack area to earn and upgrade your guns, armor, skins, crazy levels and more.  Your OLIVER bear can be customized to look just the way you like so you can blast the pesky Huggables in style.  We'll be adding a ton of armor, skins, and themes and look forward to taking requests from our fans!

Release Date:  JULY 14th, 2011

Platforms: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch 2nd, 3rd, 4th gens